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How much does college cost?

How much does college cost?

College costs include more than just tuition fees, so if you want to enter it, then you need to think carefully about your budget. To begin with, college in Australia will always cost you a lot of money. Thus, TruOwl decides, before making a decision you need to consider several issues like travel, textbooks, coffee, pizza, and parties – it all adds up.

Of course, every student is different that is why expenses will be different as well. We have prepared some average amounts you can expect to spend in this beautiful country.

How much does it cost?

Like anywhere else, college fees in Australia depend on the type of educational institution, degree level and field you want to study. In Australia, you can expect to spend around 30,000 Australian dollars annually only for college fees. However, the costs will vary depending on the degree level you want to get.

Here is an average amount of money you would have to spend on the different levels of study:

  • You need to prepare up to 34,000 Australian dollars annually for Bachelor’s degree.
  • Annual tuition fees for Master’s degree start at 20,000 Australian dollars. These fees can go up to 37,000.
  • For Doctoral degree you would have to pay about 14,000-37,000 Australian dollars annually.

Be careful though! Medical or veterinary degrees can cost you much more. For instance, a Ph.D. program in Medicine or Surgery can cost you about 70,000 Australian dollars a year.

What about financial support?

Do you want to study for free? That’s right; there is a wide range of scholarships and other funding options available for different degree programs in Australia. You can find all the information about it on the Australian government’s website.

How much money should you spend on living expenses?

You will need around 2,500 Australian dollars per month to cover all your living costs. It includes rent, food, transportation, etc. Of course, this amount will vary depending on the region that you choose to live in. Note that the cheapest city for students is Canberra and the most expansive one is Sydney.

Also, you would have to prepare around 1,000 Australian dollars per year for different textbooks, notebooks, and other course materials. Other expenses include going out, doing shopping, transportation and more.

  • The average bill at the restaurant is around 18 Australian dollars.
  • If you want to go to the cinema, it will also cost you 18 Australian dollars.
  • A weekly food shop will cost you about 100 Australian dollars.
  • Getting fit in the gym will cost about 60 Australian dollars per month.
  • Monthly transportation costs range between 30 and 70 Australian dollars.

RMIT University has a very useful webpage called Shopping smartly, where you can find how to save money on everyday purchases. For instance, they recommend some websites where you can buy second-hand furniture or links to different discounts shops.

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