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University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide is one of the best and a top-ranked higher educational establishment located in Australia. It is a public university and that means it is sponsored, founded, and ruled by government. According to the historical records, it is the third of the oldest institutions that were initially established in the country. The university has its campuses divided into 5 parts and spread all across the state. What is truly amazing and unique, the University of Adelaide has 5 graduates who were awarded a Nobel prize and are truly some remarkable people in the history of the institution. The university was firstly organized after a donation was made by the Hughes family. The amount of the donation that helped to establish the institution and was used later for making the major purchases was about £20,000. By this substantial investition, the family enabled the government to spend less money on establishing the university and provide it with more state support and government assistance.

In 2010, the University of Adelaide established “non-smoking” act and became the first institution in the world that introduced such policy. Over the course of past 8 years, the university reports a significant increase in the overall performance level and lots of positive impacts on the local community and on the student body. The government considers this decision as a one that would impact the environment and the ecological state of the country and of the region in future. According to the University of Adelaide, the students support the endeavour taken in order to increase the health of public. The university is one of the earliest members of the Academic Consortium 21, which is an academic union that consists of various institutions located in Australia, Europe, and the US. The students that are enrolled in one of those universities are offered rare chance to experience studying in different institutions and location throughout the four years of the studying process. The University of Adelaide is one of the most selective schools in the country.

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