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University of Alberta

University of Alberta

While providing its students with a challenging enough rigor may not sound like an ultimate challenge after the first-hand analysis, it actually is detrimental for the students’ success as proved by the majority of studies. To this end, it’s no wonder that one of the top-rated educational institutions in Canada, the University of Alberta, is fully abiding by the ideological premise described previously. In fact, the University of Alberta has a multitude of things to offer, some of which should be addressed before delving deeper into the realities of the academic institution:

  1. The University of Alberta is a public research university located in one of the Canadian provinces, Alberta
  2. The University of Alberta is comprised of more than thirty-nine thousand students from all over Canada as well as one hundred and fifty countries
  3. The University of Alberta seems to be particularly interested in Ukrainian Studies, having a specific institute created for such a purpose
  4. The University of Alberta is placed high in the worldwide ratings, being in top-100 Universities annually according to the multiple sources
  5. The institution has a prolonged history that dates back to 1908

What seems to be particularly worthwhile about the University of Alberta is the fact that has an exceptional teaching faculty from all over the world. Due to such fact, it’s no surprise that most of the existing majors are offered under the roof of the University of Alberta with a lot of students majoring in English Language and Literature, Economics, Law, or Medical degrees. In accordance with the university’s mission, the spirit on campus is that of prolonged and lifelong studying, which seems to be the guiding motto behind all the major changes of the ideological value in the University of Alberta. Thus, it’s clear that anyone looking for a thorough academic challenge as well as an opportunity to discover the additional interests that go way beyond the curriculum would be keen to study at the University of Alberta and are the kinds of students the university is looking for.

As for the admission process, everything is pretty self-explanatory: one has to complete the secondary education in his or her home country as well as to pass the graduation exams to be able to apply to the University of Alberta. Every student is also required to be fully proficient in the English Language, to which end the university imposes requirement through the proficiency tests (it’s recommended that one has at least hundred points on the TOEFL exam as well as its equivalent on IELTS). There can be an exception made for the international students who have previously studied in the institution where English was the main language of instruction, yet, at other times, it’s required that the student passes these requirements. For any additional information, anyone can feel free to refer to the official website and all the policies that are described down there. Thus, it’s possible to also contact the admission committee if having a specific question not answered anywhere else on the website.

In terms of financial aid, the University of Alberta is pretty generous, yet the student is expected to contribute a solid amount of money to the studies. There are various options in cases where there is a need for obtaining a student loan, especially for Canadian citizens who plan on applying to the university of the matter. Nevertheless, one can be confident that one’s admission status would be determined with having financial factor considered, which is something that is needed to be taken care of prior to application.

Overall, the University of Alberta has much to offer in terms of everything that can be possibly imagined. The student life is incredibly rich and is one of the best in the entire province. The studies are done in a flawless manner with the majority of professors not hesitating to help their students where there is a need for so. Otherwise, the overall process of studying at the University of Alberta would be surely enjoyable.


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