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University of Queensland

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is generally admitted to be on the list of the oldest and most popular educational institutions of Australia. Its rich curriculum and huge number of choices of extracurriculars make it an ideal place for every potential applicant. The university attracts people from all over the globe to pursue their educational goals in the halls of one of the leading institutions of the world – the University of Queensland. The institution is a harmonic collaboration of the best of traditional teaching methods and technological innovations. The University of Queensland offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate major fields of study. The degrees that are offered are associate level, bachelor stage, master type, doctor kind degrees. All the studies are conducted in the six faculties of the college and in the university graduate school. There are many progressive technologies in medicine that have been developed in the laboratories of the University of Queensland. The innovations allow to do new kinds of scanning and diagnose various diseases on their early stage of development.

More of a history

The first proposal that were aimed to start the university occurred in the end of the 19th century by a royal inspection commission that was ruled by Sir Charles Lilley. However, during that time Australia’s economy was only beginning to stabilize so that lots of politicians of that time stood against the establishment of the university because they were of opinion that technical, practical knowledge was more important and needed by the society than the academic education. In 1906, the a kind of local interactive movement that was made up of a group of academically intelligent people who were willing to found the University of Queensland, motioned to start a large forum called the University Congress. In 1909, the local government issued an act of state parliament and made it real for the University to exist officially. The first teachings and lectures started in 1910. From that time on, the University of Queensland continued to gain new facilities and provide its students with new, brilliant opportunities for studying and developing their academic potential.

What’s in a closer look

Nowadays, Queens is a perfect studying choice for everyone. Apart from being one of the world’s top fifty universities, it is also a place with its own spirit that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else. The university campus features a number of sport facilities extending from tennis courts to large football fields. It is also very famous for having its own museum built – the museum of art sciences and art opportunities. On top of that, the campus includes some rare and amazing options, such as CityCat terminal, anthropology museum, and a research station that is based on Heron Island. The latter is a separate island that is governed and controlled by the university and is used for studying the coral reef ecosystem with the first hand experience and unique examples. Offering such great opportunities for the students to thrive, the University of Queensland executes all the necessary steps for keeping up its reputation as one of the top institutions in the world as well as among of the top choices of Australian school graduates.

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