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University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

By the nature of things, Australia has one of the most advanced and valued secondary education systems in the world, judging by every possible standard. Yet, in particular, University of Technology Sydney stands out from the crowd with its thorough academic rigor, quality of teaching, as well as faculty and overall credentials of the academic institution. Before delving into the specifics of University of Technology Sydney, it may be helpful to cover up some basic facts that are of the most help to the applicants:

  • The University of Technology Sydney is keen on international students, awarding millions of Australian dollars in financial aid annually
  • There are more than forty thousand students studying at the University of Technology Sydney, one of the biggest ones throughout the country
  • The University of Technology Sydney was established way back in the 1870s and is considered to be a public research university
  • Located right in the center of the nation’s capital, Sydney, the university has a multitude of offerings for its students, covering most of the professions on the field
  • The research opportunities are endless with most of the students aiming to pursue graduate studies after finishing the main degree (Bachelor’s degree)

What’s interested about the University of Technology is the fact that it is consistently rated among the world’s best institutions (to be more specific, it’s considered to be first in Australia and tenth in the world if judging by the standards of QS rankings). The institution has a rich history and has been transformed rapidly during the 2000’s: the University of Technology has been able to update its facilities (Alumni Green and Faculty of Science were rejuvenated with the drastic speed). Moreover, the cherry on the cake of the University of Technology Sydney is the fact that it has an extensive coverage for all those interested in pursuing independent studies. Due to the fact that the university has UTS Library (one of the biggest ones on the continent), it allows students to exercise the resources offered without feeling a need for asking for additional help. To this end, the students are encouraged to do some research as a part of their curriculum with most of the implementation methods being taken care of.

Additionally, the admission process to the University of Technology Sydney seems to be quite flexible in regards to the international students. There is a special branch of admissions responsible for international students, which eases the overall process and makes the final decision-making more transparent and clear. To be more specific, the university has set entry requirements that are country-dependent so that everyone could figure out all of the things with an ease. Furthermore, one also has to be aware that the University of Technology Sydney requires its prospective students to be fully proficient in the English Language (The TOEFL Scores should not be lower than 60 and in some cases higher than 109). In some cases, the English language requirement may be waived if the student was educated previously in the English-speaking institution or is a native English speaker. Nevertheless, the requirement should not appear as a burden to all of the international applicants (it’s merely a way of securing that the student could complete all of the coursework set in the University of Technology Sydney).

Finally, it should be noted that the cost of attending the University of Technology Sydney is merely high, though not extreme if comparing it with the average cost all across Australia. There are great financial aid opportunities available both to international students as well as domestic students, which only signifies the mission of accessible education set in the University of Technology Sydney. Nonetheless, everyone should be encouraged to apply due to the university’s flexible policies as well as good academic standing worldwide, which is valued by most of the current students.

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