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Review Of Sheldon College

A Complete Review Of Sheldon College

Sheldon College is a private institution located in Capalaba, a semi-rural area in the Redland City of Queensland State, Australia. Since its establishment in 1997, the school operates under three principles: Love, Learning, and Laughter. This non-denominational school guarantees quality learning and a safe environment for students starting with age 15 months old until they reach year 12. Every term, the school fees range from $2,400 to $3,225. There is no boarding option but students can apply for scholarships – academic and sports.

The institution is best known for high standards in terms of dressing, behavior, appearance, and work habits for both students and the staff. In comparison to other Queensland colleges, Sheldon boasts a rating of 4.53 stars, which is above average. No wonder, it ranks position 5 among Queensland’s High Schools. Are you considering taking your child to Sheldon College but aren’t sure if it’s the place for them? This short and precise review will help you to make an informed decision.

Why do parents strive to take their kids to Sheldon College?

When it comes to choosing a college, there are many factors that come into place. Here, we shall take a look at the reasons Sheldon College is an ideal learning environment.

  • Serene ambiance

First, the school is situated in a suburb. The semi-rural setting provides a disruption-free educational atmosphere.

  • Leading-edge architecture and landscape

The state-of-the-art buildings and scenery form the perfect background for a wide array of sports, cultural, and academic programs. The classrooms, in particular, feature up-to-date infrastructure while the science labs provide extensive resources for students in both junior and senior classes.

  • Modern amenities

Other significant facilities in the school include a modern library, media studios, Event center with a capacity of 2000 seats, heated swimming pool, commercial learning kitchens, stadium featuring championship courts, Art studios, among others.

Extra-curricular activities

Sheldon College takes sports seriously. Since the beginning, it has competed in a major college sports tournament with the teams improving each passing season. For instance, the Club Sport has 60 teams which play for the college every weekend. With countless opportunities like Interschool, club, and district sports, the school is a perfect foundation for students who are interested in athleticism. Thanks to a serious financial commitment to sports, Sheldon College has managed to set up multimillion-dollar fields, stadiums, and swimming pools. Apart from the highly talented college staff, professional coaches play an important role in sports development program. Major team sports at Sheldon College are Football/Soccer, Touch Football, Basketball, Australian Rules Football, Volleyball, Netball, and Equestrian.

What do critics say?

The teaching quality at Sheldon is wonderful thanks to the lovely staff. However, a few parents have mentioned that their children feel like they need some breathing space. This is due to the strict rules that have been implemented. Also, the teachers condemn bullying among children but one of them didn’t seem to set a good example when he made fun of another teacher at a school function.

Sports are not mandatory but students are encouraged to join at least one team every academic year. Overall, Sheldon College is an excellent institution for any student who wants to improve their abilities and skills at both individual and group level.

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