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Top 10 College Football Teams

Top 10 College Football Teams

College football is very popular in Australia. In fact, Australia has dominated the American sports tournaments. A number of players from Australia have scooped college punting prizes, for instance, Ray Gay Award. Do you want to know college teams in Australia that have a greater potential? Here we go.

Eastern Suburbs Football club is associated with the University of New South Wales and is a Sydney AFL tournaments participant. Though a team’s formation date is 1999, an origin of a college’s team can be traced back to East Sydney Australian Football Club, which was a very first Australian Rules club in New South Wales. It boasts dedicated players from UNSW as well as Life Members Jack and Joy, Paul Constance.

This club represents MUGARS, Blues, and Blacks. The MUGARS participate in Victorian Football Leagues while the Blues and the Blacks compete in William Buck Premier Division as well as Victorian Amateur Football Association. Even though an exact formation date of this college’s sports is unknown, a first match happened at the same time Castlemaine Football Club was launched, hence it is the second oldest Australian team.

This is an amateur college club which has not scooped another Division 1 flag since 1999. Its creation year is 1906, becoming one of the oldest formal college teams playing during Adelaide Footy League. It is marketed as the biggest amateur Australian college club.

  • Bull Sharks

Bull Sharks’ creation year is 2011. It operates outside of college and based on a territory of Gold Coast. It competes during Australian Rules competitions, Queensland Women’s Football League, and division 2 of Queensland Football Association. Bond University supports this college club and supplies it to AFL Queensland.

As you can understand by its name, this club is an affiliate of Tasmanian college and currently is a participant of Old Scholars Football Association. The team was formed in the 1930s but never competed in a formal tournament until late 40s when it became a part of a southern division of Tasmanian Amateur Football League.

From the years it was established by a group of expatriates schooling at the Australian colleges – 1920s, OUARFC represents and operates under control of the Oxford University. During 2016, this college club won Varsity Cup for Australian Rules Football. Its principal rival is Cambridge University Australian Rules Football and has played with bigger college teams from Edinburg, Reading, and Putney.

SUANFC is a first Australian Rules club formed in 1865 in New South Wales with its first official game happening during 1887. Today, this college boasts 7 teams namely Reds, Blues, Reserves, Platinums, Colts, Seniors, and Golds.

Popularly known as ‘The Whalies’, college team started in 1962 and played in the Australian University Games. It was in 1963, that this college club fielded a team and began regular competitions in 1964. For more than two decades, UNSW-ANFC has been known as the UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs.

  • University of Queensland Australian Football Club (UQAFC)

As an amateur college team, UQAFC works under AFL and plays in Women’s Leagues, QAFA, and QAF. It was established in 1956 and has won 7 Senior premierships since then. Among unique things about it is a huge membership and a social network which caters to all abilities. Currently, UQAFC boasts 8 teams with about 250 registered players.

  • The Bats

Most people know The Bats as UTS Australian Football Club which is associated with the University of Technology. It can be found on an eastern Paddington suburb and competes at Trumper Park Oval plus several games at Waverley Oval in Bondi.

If you are interested in Australian college sports, one of the beautiful clubs mentioned above would be a good starting point.

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