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how many school days in australia

How many school days in a year Australia?

The Australian school year lasts about 180 days. Each one has 4 semesters for which students must receive 4-semester grades. It is also important that the Australian academic year begins in mid-December. Public schools account for 71% of the total number, the rest – private. There are many Catholic private institutions run by the Catholic Educational Commission in the country.

Private schools are considered more prestigious. They are the children of the more affluent people; there is a somewhat better material base than in public schools, and each child receives more attention. However, teaching is at an equally high level both in public educational institutions and in private education. If in “independent schools” children can live in a cozy school dormitory under the supervision of educators, then children in state educational institutions are resettled in accepting Australian families.

In addition, in high school there is a large number of elective subjects that students begin to study, focusing on the institution where they intend to continue their studies. In graduation classes, the range of subjects studied is narrowed to a few, and the choice of direction depends on the student. An Australian school has a five basics subject:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Sport
  • Another foreign language

The schools of the country pay great attention to the individual characteristics of students, their talents and interests. The school program is built to maximize the intellectual, social, creative and career potential of each student.

Here, too, much attention is paid to sports, which you can practice outdoors almost all year round. In some schools in Australia, you can windsurf (which actually earned the name of the national sport of Australia) and other sports.

Here are all kinds of clubs and circles: chess, oratory, theater, dance. In many schools, children participate in management: their council solves issues related to the organization of holidays, trips and official events; lobbies interests of students in the school’s board of directors.

Schools in Australia are more flexible than English, and a child can come here almost at any age. At many places, there are language centers that help foreign students “pull up” the language and prepare for training. As a rule, even if children from other countries immediately start learning, they are additionally taught English 2-3 times a week during the first semester.

The procedures for making final assessments in different states are different and are based either on academic results demonstrated during the entire period of study or are a combination of current assessments and the results of final examinations. The question of admission to a higher or special educational institution is decided on the basis of academic performance.

Australian education always has a good technical basis for student training. Many of them win international grants and collaborate with many of the world’s higher education institutions.

Also, there are always events on the basis of schools. An example can be volleyball or basketball championships, theatrical evenings that show the halls. One of the benefits of schools in Australia is that there are so many foreigners studying there, which can often be emphasized when filing documents. No wonder the directors are very proud of this because it is thanks to internationality that students learn more about this or that culture.

It is also worth noting that many students receive grants. It is thanks to this that many of those who have just been educated in the academic institutions have already been able to attend many countries, and have been able to assess the levels of teaching basic subjects in various educational institutions around the world. Therefore, if you are still worried about whether your child should study in Australia, you should just look at the Austrian academic year, which you are offered and you will immediately disappear all the doubts. After all, such conditions you are unlikely to find yet in a country.

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