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Major Issues In Education Today

TOP 3 Major Issues In Education Today in Australia

There is an abundance of issues in the Australian education system. Some of the problems seem indomitable despite numerous reforms and ongoing government proposals for change. In this post, we shall highlight the major reasons education in Australia is limping.

Teachers resigning at an alarming rate

Did you know that 50% of the teachers in Australia leave their profession within the first 5 years of employment? Efforts to retain newly qualified educators seem to be dwindling. It is worth noting that new Education graduates come with the latest research and teaching methods. This is one of the best ways students can look at the world with enthusiasm. But the efforts abort too early when new teachers resign and leave their students disillusioned. Keep in mind that the enrolment of pupils is predicted to rise dramatically for the next one and a half decades. The Australian education industry must find a way to retain graduate tutors so that the students can have teachers throughout. According to research, the best way to maintain new teachers in their job is through mentorship programs by more experienced educators. So, instead of increasing the funds to compensate educators issues, the government of Australia should consider what needs to be done to see new teachers being mentored by major experienced mentors.

Too many changes, few results

Over the last one decade, a lot of reforms have been ongoing but significant outcomes are yet to show up. The main reforms which are expected to bring changes are as follows:

  • An accessible pre-school year for all children
  • Curriculum reforms
  • Launching of My School Website for national reporting
  • Standardized national exams in numeracy and literacy (NAPLAN)
  • Professional standards for principals and educators

Some of the never-ending issues in Australian education system include:

  • A decline in the performance of Australian major institutions in the international exams on Sciences, Literature, and Math
  • The number of teenagers who complete twelfth year successfully is yet to improve
  • Modern evidence-based teaching models that focus on individual students are not taken seriously by educators
  • The efficiency of vocational training shows little or no improvement

These issues are still apparent even after major national policy reforms by the Australian federal government and state authorities.

Discrepancies between schools

There are a lot of gaps between privileged and marginalized Australian schools. The disparities are mainly caused by socioeconomic differences. This problem further aggravates when the major choice of institution separates students according to their socioeconomic statuses. OECD report shows that the amount of money a state spends on major Australian school issues determines how education resources are distributed. Counteracting this challenge should start by implementing funding policies that will reduce the disparities among various schools.

The organization of the education system in Australia has stagnated for decades. It’s high time that the education sector calls for flexible learning that focuses on the individual needs of the students. Scholars, policy makers, and practitioners should join hands to handle the issues facing education. A greater value would be achieved if teaching methods were adjusted to more innovative practices. Finally, there is a need to rethink the purpose of studying and align it with the curriculum, funding, assessments, and regulations.

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