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What Is A State School?

What Is A State School?

Most people confuse state schools with public schools. Would you like to know the difference? This article will explain how a state school is managed and operated.

Basically, a state school is run by the state as far as funding and management go. Students are not charged any fees. These schools follow the national curriculum standards and are regularly inspected by the central government authorities.

What to expect in a state school?

Would you like to study in a big university away from your home? A state school would be a perfect option. Maybe you want to fulfill your athletic goals by studying in a college that specializes in a particular sport. Whichever the case, a big state school offers a wonderful experience and a fantastic platform for a college education.

  • A large number of students

State universities are big institutions that can accommodate 7000 government-sponsored students or more. All sorts of students are found here so there is a lot of diversity. You can pursue an Undergraduate, Graduate, or post-graduate degree. The big size offers the ideal environment which feels different from smaller private institutions. This is not to say that a state school is better or worse than a private institution, only that it offers a different experience.

  • Diversity

What makes a state school special is diversity. Students get a chance to mix with other students across the globe with different lifestyles and background. What a great way to learn about other cultures! In a large state school, students have a chance to gain knowledge outside their classrooms and see things from a different perspective. These are valuable opportunities in today’s world which are increasingly globalized. Keep in mind that diversity is not all about ethnicity and geographical locations. It also encompasses students with different sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, religious beliefs, abilities, and disabilities. You will also meet students who work part-time and others who live with their parents.

  • Expansive resources and a huge community

As mentioned above, a state school is a big institution. The physical location can span hundreds of acres and can sometimes have smaller towns as part of the community. Some state schools are so big that they own bus transportation systems. The libraries are numerous say 10 to 20 besides the central one. So, you can expect millions of educational resources and numerous research tools. No wonder, scientists and scholastic writers come to these schools to seek more information. As far as the hostels are concerned, there are dozens of them, just like skyscrapers. In the course of the week, you can expect a big match inside the campus in one of the many gymnasiums.

Top state universities in Australia:

  • University of Melbourne;
  • University of Sydney;
  • University of Newcastle;
  • Monash University;
  • The University of Western Australia;
  • University of Queensland;
  • The University of South Australia;
  • University of New South Wales;
  • University of Wollongong;
  • University of Technology Sydney;
  • Australian National University.

Do you wonder how campus life feels like in a state university in Australia? The best way to know is to apply to a state school. Of course, there is the normal hustle and bustle which is common in overcrowded places. Everything from restaurants, apartments, shops, and gardens are geared towards students and their lecturer’s. Above all, you are assured of top-notch education and plenty of opportunities after your studies.

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