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What Is An Online School?

What do you know about studying in Australia? The educational system here is typical for most developed countries. The principle of organizing an educational course depends on the state or territory. In each state, the government gives funding and manages public and private schools. Australian universities are supported at the federal level. Primary and secondary education in Australia is obligatory. The duration of the educational course is 12 years.

Sounds very familiar, right? If you are not Australian, why would you want to study there if it’s all the same as everywhere in the world? There are some attractive peculiarities, though, that may arise your interest:

  • In primary and secondary schools, as well as in colleges, the school year usually begins in late January – early
  • February and ends in mid-December. In universities, the academic year lasts from late February to early September.
  • Holidays are regulated by each educational institution individually.
  • It’s a place where summer holidays are in winter, and spring breaks are in autumn.
  • Where else would you meet kangaroos or capybaras in wild nature and drink the best coffee in one of the exclusive coffee shops (Starbucks is not one of them there)?
  • We bet you are already fascinated! But then a question appears: what if I can’t afford going to Australia for studies? There is a solution in our highly-developed times – online education.

Online school is an educational institution in which the studying process and training are carried out via the Internet. Materials on the training courses in the online school are presented in an electronic form and posted on the website in such a way that authorized students can use them. These materials usually include the texts of lectures on the subject, interactive tests, and simulators, dictionaries, etc. Having studied the materials of the virtual lesson, the learner does a number of tasks that are automatically checked by the system, with an assessment.

A student can still interact with teachers and get consulted on subjects via the network. Online teachers can also monitor and evaluate the learners’ knowledge by communicating with them by e-mail or phone, via the forum or using other technical means of communication. Assessment of students throughout the course is usually carried out in the form of an exam or some written assignment.

A lot of colleges and universities offer the possibility of taking up online courses so you can easily become an Australian student without spending way less money. With the help of the good old Internet, you can choose a place where you’d like to study and check if they provide online versions of the needed courses – everything is possible if you wish it. Obviously, it’s not the same as being there physically and you won’t see a kangaroo, but you will still participate in a typical students’ life, get in touch with Australian culture through its people and add a lot of things to your box of experiences.

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