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Secondary School in Australia

What is Secondary School?

Do you know why Australia is considered a perfect secondary school destination for students all over the world? Apart from offering internationally accredited education, the country is safe, comfortable, and culturally diverse. Anyone who attends higher classes in Australia is guaranteed of skills that can be used anywhere in the world for employment or further studies.

Secondary education follows primary education. Generally, Australian students begin secondary education at around 12 years of age and continue up to 16 or 17 years. Every year, they upgrade to another level or grade. In some institutions, secondary learning is divided into junior and senior classes. Students from other countries have to start from year 11 or 12 to further their studies and prepare for tertiary institutions. To accept international students, it must provide specialized English courses. By the way, we want to remind you that at TruOwl you can read all the news about school life in AU, stay with us!

The last two years prepare students for university or college entries. After completing this education, students are given a Secondary Education Certificate. The award has different names depending on the state but they all denote the same qualification e.g. in Queensland, it is known as Queensland Certificate of Education while in Victoria students receive Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning. Many students start apprenticeship immediately or pursue a course in a specific trade.

There are various elective subjects offered in Australian high schools, with different specialization areas and class structures. If you are looking for the best secondary school, be sure to check the extracurricular activities that suit you best. This information is readily available on the AQF website.

Entry requirements for secondary education in Australia

The qualifications differ from one state to the other. During the selection process, the educators have to consider the academic records of the candidate and other factors such as sporting achievements and other extracurricular activities. Note that a secondary education is a journey that prepares students for further education even abroad.

Top secondary schools in Australia:

  • All Saints Anglican School in Merrimac;
  • Macquarie Grammar School in Sydney;
  • St Paul’s School in Bald Hills;
  • Blackfriars Priory School in Adelaide;
  • Gold Coast Christian College in Reedy Creek;
  • St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School in Brisbane;
  • Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane;
  • Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane.

Types of secondary schools

In Australia, they fall under two categories: public (government) and private (independent).

  • Public: They work under the State Department of Education and monitored by the central government. Many public schools are mixed, for both boys and girls, while a few are single-sex.
  • Private: a private institution is independent and doesn’t require governmental funding. However, it must adhere to the national education standards. Most private ones are sponsored by religious denominations.

A lot of Australian secondary schools provide vocational training as part of the curriculum. These are subjects that enable students to acquire hands-on skills as they pursue secondary education. As you can see, these institutions provide more than just typical education by preparing students for life-changing skills and self-discipline for themselves and their peers. The institutions also strongly believe in all-rounded education that covers self-expression, personal development, and teamwork.

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