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13 Reasons Why Book Review

13 Reasons Why Book Review

There are few books nowadays that may deeply interest the youth and have depth in it. In this 13 reasons why book review we shall try to convey as the plot of the story so its significance for its young readers.

The Plot

The book we review starts by telling about Clay Jensen, an ordinary high-school student, getting home to receive a strange package with several cassette tapes. Reading this, Clay’s surprise to find out the tapes were recorded by Hannah Baker is simply palpable! Hannah was Clay’s classmate before she committed a suicide a couple of weeks ago. In the tapes, Hannah explains particularly what and who drew her to commit a suicide. As it turns out, Clay had his own guilt in that just as twelve other people. Altogether, there are thirteen reasons why such a tragedy happened. Clay is supposed to listen to the records up to the end to find out his role in Hanna’s life and tragic death. What will Clay do? Will his already mature side make him get rid of the records? Or will his childish curiosity draw him to such a self-torturing activity as listening to the records day after day? You can find this out only by reading the book 13 reasons why.

Suspense Behind Preposterousness

Thirteen reasons why book review shows that from one side the story appears quite preposterous, while from the other side, it promises tons of suspense and emotions. Just judge yourself and not merely by the 13 reasons why book review: Hanna’s voice while recording her voice is described as cool. She doesn’t seem to perform actions of a teenage girl who is about to do something such terrible as killing herself. If the readers don’t concentrate on this incongruity of 13 reasons why book they are promised amazing emotions of suspense and final revelation.

Jay Asher, the author of this best selling young adult book, pictures Hannah as a master of storytelling, who is not so generous in revealing. She delivers her narrative in such a teasing economy, that sometimes the reader wishes to see Hannah in front of him to kill her himself (well, at least figuratively). However, the manner in which this student girl tells the reasons why she decided to kill herself, as well as the interesting dynamics it has don’t let you put the book aside without finishing reading it. Particularly this is the focal point of the 13 reasons why book review and the entire book itself!

The Conclusions We Make

Even though from this review for 13 reasons why book we can make a conclusion that there are no disclosures here, neither there are any murders and incest related dramas. Instead of this, we face all the hardships that an ordinary American teen has to overcome in high-school. And as we see, sometimes everything becomes too unbearable and drives young people to commit irrevocable steps. According to the review, even the most trivial-seeming troubles can have a deep impact on a teen’s mental state. For instance, the troubles of Hannah in the review of 13 reasons why book start with her kissing a boy in the park, after which that guy spreads rumors Hannah is an easy girl. After this poor Hannah gets assured the friends she was devoted to were not as dependable as she thought. The vast majority of us have perhaps experienced such displeasing events in our youth. Overcoming them doesn’t seem to be any difficulty unless they pour on your head all together!

The indifference of humanity toward each other is so vividly demonstrated here, that one can’t but feel desperate about our future. People stay indifferent toward others’ growing distress just like Clay did. Despite having fallen in love with Hannah long before her problems started, this young man did nothing to stop anything. He simply let the rot go further just not to go against the flow. With this, Jay Asher wants to review and make it clear for us, that not interfering with something wrong makes us a part of that wrong.

After reading the book or at least this 13 reasons why book review be frank to yourself – how many times did you feel injustice happening and not interfered with it? And didn’t it make you unfair, either?

So, this 13 reasons why book review had an aim to explain to you how interesting and captivating, yet at the same time educative and philosophical the story by Jay Asher can be for young people living in these hard and unjust times. The technical elegance in which Asher weaves words for Hannah’s narrative, as well as the vividness and brightness in which he presents Clay’s memories and emotions are so enthralling!

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