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15 Useful Apps to Help you with Assignment

Everyone who has ever experienced a tough finals week know how precious is time when you need to do more than 10 assignments at a time. Pulling an all-nighter may not always help if you are not using your time in the most efficient way possible with the most productive apps. Thanks to the 21st century there is no need to be stressed out about all the assignments when you can pay someone to do your assignment australia and have awesome apps to help you on the tips of your fingers. Here are some of the most popular and useful ones for students and for teachers:

  • Dragon Dictation

assignment help app

If you ever want to dictate your essay instead of typing it all down, this is a free assignment writing service app for you. Dragon will record every word that you said and put it down into sentences of your assignment. After that, you can proofread it and correct all of the mistakes, format and edit the text in the way you like.




  • Cite This For Me

assignment help app online

The references are a very important part of every assignment but it does take some time to site your sources properly. This free assignment help app will make your life so much easier by filling out your bibliography section for you. All you have to do is select the referencing format, paste the information about the sources and it will generate the works cited in seconds.


  • Focuslist

assignment help


This $7.99 worth app combines a to-do list and a timer of productivity. Just enter different tasks and the order you would like them being completed in. Then it sets a timer for 25 minutes for every task with five-minute breaks in between. The technique used in the app is called the Pomodoro technique and is used to divide your tasks into easy to complete segments with the breaks that help to stay awake.

  • Grammarly

online assignment help app

This free app is not a simple spell check but rather a check for any writing mistakes a person can make. Grammarly can be used as a Chrome extension that analyzes the text and suggests better ways to structure the sentences besides quick scan through typos. It is an app that helps with everything except content and makes my assignment a little more sophisticated for free.



  • Forest

assignment help australia

This is an app and a free Chrome extension that plants a tree when you start doing a certain task. If you get distracted or stop doing what you are supposed to, the tree dies. The app takes an emotional approach to focusing and appeals to one’s heart as well as the mind. If you try to switch to a blacklisted website like Twitter or other social media, Australian assignment help will remind you that the tree is still growing and give you reminders and notifications with callings to go back to work. Some might find it creepy but it is one way of staying concentrated on what you have to get done.





  • Teacher Aide

assignment help online australia


In collaboration with Google Classroom, the assignment helper app helps teachers to maintain a report of their students. It has features for tracking the attendance and assignments, check individual or group reports and make a schedule of classes. Thus, it saves the energy of the teacher for the actual classes.



  • Google Classroom

help with assignment


This is the online assignment help app created purely for education that is a leap in the teaching tradition. Now the teachers can communicate with the students online, set up the discussions, distribute the tasks and homework and share the schedule of classes. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which helps teachers to save time and still keep things well-organized. The communication is an additional positive feature.

  • ClassDojo

help with assignment online

The app helps to set up a class community online but in contrast to a school’s classrooms it also allows the parents to be a part of the educational experience of their children. The teachers can post different media like photos or videos from the classroom as well as encouraging messages for the students and private messages to parents. In return, parents are aware of the educational process. This app is definitely a way to make education transparent.


  • EduTecher Backpack

help with assignment online

With such wide opportunities that the internet gives us, it has also become more complicated to find the certain content you really need for the studies. It takes a lot of time to do my assignment: do the research, find the necessary information and combine it together. EduTecher Backpack puts all the information in one place. It serves as a reliable source where students can easily look up the materials they need. The interface is simple with the ability for students, as well as for teachers, to take notes and save the links in case.



  • Booktrack Classroom

help with assignment app



Useful both for students and teachers, this cheap assignment help australia app provides access to Movie style soundtracks or audio soundtracks to stories, chapters, essays etc.  It makes the studying more digital than ever. The teachers can post new videos and help students to learn. This improves students’ understanding of the subject and their test scores.

  • Socrative Teacher

help with assignment free app

If you’re a teacher that is having a hard time assessing comprehension of the topic, making quizzes and preparing reports, then you must use this extremely assignments help app. Using Socrative Teacher, you can create an online room where students can join and complete various created quizzes that are used to check the understanding of the subject by the class. It is like making an online classroom the purpose of which is measuring and increasing the knowledge of the students. The accessibility serves as an additional benefit.


  • Handouts

online help with assignmentsThis assignment help online app can also be used to create a plethora of different tasks, assignments, worksheets, questionnaires, and tests and give them to all the students at once. After completing the forms, students can submit them. This mechanism makes both contributing and collecting the assignments a quick and trouble-free process.



  • Edmodo

app for assignment help

This app is a great help for creating digital classrooms and connecting teachers with students as well as with other teachers. Different tests can be taken and submitted at once online, polls can be created and discussions can take place. It is a simple Australia assignment help virtual classroom app.




  • GoClass

app for assignment help online

This is a must-have application for those teachers that are away from the class rarely or often. Through assignment help australia GoClass teachers can connect with the students in online format and teach them by using different features of the app like Whiteboards, sharing of files, videos and pictures. There is a questions section as well.


  • Remind

app for assignment help online

This my assignment services app serves as an extremely helpful and easy way to contribute the information to parents or students about the daily reports or homework. In addition, there is also a platform for sharing media and assignments online. The reports can be emailed to parents personally and the answers will be received by the teacher. Any announcement takes only a couple of seconds with Remind.


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