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best motivational speech from simon sinek

Best Motivational Speech of Simon Sinek

We want to share the best motivational speech of Simon Sinek. Simon Sinek is an American author of British origins. Sinek is considered one of the best motivational speakers at the present time. His books “Start with Why” and “The Golden Circle” are the global bestsellers.
In his video “This Is Why You Don’t Succeed”, Simon Sinek discusses the issues related to the generation of Millennials – those who were born after 1984. These young people are often called lazy, unfocused, insolent, profit-minded and vain. Managers find it difficult to manage them.
Sinek describes four reasons why Millenials aren’t successful in life: parenting, technology, impatience, and the environment. Sinek argues that Millenials are the victims of wrong parenting strategies. They were told they are special all the time. Their parents convinced them they can have everything they want in this life without efforts. Parents helped them get awards they didn’t deserve, but when they started to make the first steps in the real world they understood they can’t do anything without their parents’ help. As a result, their self-esteem decreased.
Another problem is modern technology: Millenials grew in the Facebook-Instagram world where they became addicted to appreciation. If their actions are not appreciated, they start to be depressed. Sinek considers that technology is addictive just like smoking, gambling, and alcohol.
Impatience arises from wrong life expectations: Millenials want to have all from life “because they want”. We live in the world of immediate satisfaction of our needs: we can order anything from Amazon and receive it the next day, we can find any information we need in the internet in several seconds. This forms wrong expectations – Millenials’re willing to receive what they want right here, right now.
The corporate environment where they’re working isn’t good for them. Millenials are employed in the corporations focused on immediate benefits. This doesn’t help develop patience and orientation for long-term results. This video explains why Millenials are what they are: they are products of modern life. That’s why this video was called the best motivational speech.

TruOwl shared this video to motivate our readers to find inspiration in this imperfect world and be patient on the way to success. Life is not easy, but patience and persistence can create miracles. Young people should know this to be able to make small steps every day to reach their goals.

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