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Best Medical Universities in Australia

Australia is known for the high quality of medical education. Australian medical universities appear in the top global rankings on a continuous basis. Medical universities in Australia offer various specializations and educate the best professionals in the field. However, these educational institutions are very selective. It’s extremely difficult to match their criteria as they choose the most compatible students. Here we shortlisted the best medical universities in Australia once you decided to choose this career.

Australian National University (ANU)

This university is located in Canberra. ANU was established in 1946 with the postgraduate department founded in 1960.
There are some facts about ANU we want to present:

  • ANU comprises of seven colleges;
  • Its undergraduate department is capable of accommodating more than 10,000 students annually;
  • The postgraduate department can accommodate more than 9,600 students;
  • It offers essential research opportunities guiding future doctors through their careers.
  • The Times Higher Education assigned ANU the 7th place in the global rating.

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

University of New South Wales is ranked the 5th among the best Australian higher schools. It’s on the list of the top 50 global educational institutions. Recently, UNSW received the QS 5 Star Plus award for merit and distinction. More information about this educational institution:

  • It accommodates students from all over the world;
  • It has the capacity to teach 44,000 future doctors;
  • It offers a wide variety of medical programs;
  • It’s focused on research and innovation in the medicine.

UNSW is a perfect choice for those who decided to dedicate their lives to medicine.

University of Sydney (US)

The University of Sydney was ranked in the global top 25 by the Times Higher Education. The US offers the following education services:

  • Four-year degree program;
  • A great variety of curricular activities;
  • Online learning;
  • Clinical trials;
  • Evidence-based medicine.

The US boasts a vast research base to conduct the research on such serious issues as cancer, heart, chronic and neurotic diseases. The university invites students all over the world to enroll in its fantastic medical faculty.

Monash University (MU)

MU was founded in 1958 and now this is the second oldest educational institution in the state. The benefits of entering MU are as follows:

  • Solid research base;
  • Intensive research in medicine;
  • A great variety of educational activities;
  • Invites international students;
  • Up to $70,000 scholarship programs.

In addition, MU has 6 campuses. Each department is teaching different areas of medicine.

University of Adelaide (UA)

UA focuses on the development of creativity in their students. It offers many opportunities for research clinical tests. UA offers the following medical courses:

  • Pathology;
  • Anatomy;
  • Physiology;
  • Pharmacology.

Students studying at UA have an opportunity to reach clinical holders to attain an extensive knowledge of medicine.

This is only a short review of medical institutions. Many other universities in Australia also offer medical education for those dreaming to save human lives. However, the listed medical universities are known all over the world. Graduation from one of these institutions guarantees a successful medical career for those who are interested.

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