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Write a Resume for a Job With no Experience

How to Write a Resume for a Job Having no Experience

When applying for the job, one of the first requirements faced by Australian folk, students, in particular, is a need to present one’s resume. Even though there is an abundance of pieces of advice on the internet on how to write a resume for a job, there isn’t as much information available for those with minimal to no experience. It simply seems like education in Australia is not sufficient enough for teaching such an important skill, which is why there is a need to cover the topic before settling down a career.

What should be the length of my resume?

There isn’t really a common way to write a resume, suitable for every single job, though generally, it’s recommended to keep it under page long. The reasons for so are pretty self-explanatory in the long-run: most of the employers are way too lazy to scroll down the five-page background stories of thousands of applicants, which is why there is such an “informal” rule. When applying for the job, it may be kind of helpful to contact the other people who worked there before to figure out some details. If not, just stick with the standard one-page long resume and you will be fine.

Why writing a resume?

If you think it through, a lot of people compete with each other for a limited number of spots. Usually, the only thing that helps to distinguish between equally qualified applicants is their background story, something that you can surely convey through the means of writing a resume for a job with no experience. At the same time, the resume is a unique place to express the skills that may have been unnoticed if not submitting it, which is one of the reasons people choose writing it for a job. Regardless of you’re applying with an extensive amount of background knowledge or have no experience whatsoever, writing a resume is imperative.

Some things to mention in your resume

things to mention in your resumeWhen undergoing the actual process of putting your resume altogether, it may be helpful to indicate a lot of the things. To make the life easier for you, just follow the bullet-points and you will be all set to apply for the job of your dream:

  • Mention any background that you think would be interested for the employer
  • Always indicate your contact details, your address, and SSN in some cases
  • Don’t hesitate to incorporate the family duties into the resume: doing chores is equally as good as doing a part-time job over the summer
  • Schooling is important, so feel free to write down your standardized test scores, GPA, as well as AP/IB scores
  • Keep it short and get straight to the point
  • If you have done any volunteering, it may be helpful for your resume

What should be out of your resume

Similarly to the things you should undoubtedly include on your resume, there is a number of other ones you should never mention. A lot of the employers can be really nit-picky when it comes to the prospective candidates, so it’s better to make it super simple and don’t be silly when wanting to write a resume for a potential job.

Some things you should totally avoid

things you should totally avoidFor in order to be convincing on your resume, don’t write down a lot about your bad habits, unnecessary interests, as well as irrelevant skills that you have. For example, you may be an avid reader, having read three hundred books over the year. Yet, if you’re applying for the position of the janitor, such an experience may not be quite relevant to the job. All of these things should feel really intuitive and not create any pressure on you, so feel free to change the resume in any way you want. Just keep in mind that having no experience is not as bad as bullshitting your way through to get the prospect of receiving a job, for sure.

Should I customize each resume?

If you’re feeling lazy and unwilling to undergo the writing yourself, then it totally makes a perfect sense to not customize all of the parts of the resume. Although, it has been proven that when you constantly think it through, then there is a chance you would pick something that has been unnoticed before, which surely is a good thing. There are plenty of examples on the internet of various acceptable formats, so don’t hesitate to check them out in case you need it.

What about the keywords and acceptable language?

It’s generally recommended that you use a wide variety of the action verbs on your resume as they draw the attention of the reader and get straight to the point when you’re applying for the job of the matter. A lot of times, it may be helpful to also double-check if there aren’t any grammatical mistakes or parts of the application that you have misread for one purpose or another. Nevertheless, if following such a simple guideline, then you would undoubtedly be fine, especially in the long-term perspective. Having no experience doesn’t mean anything!

Reviewing your resume

Finally, don’t forget to review your overall resume before submitting it to the employer of the focus. It’s never going to hurt spell-checking all of your mistakes and make sure you don’t make any so that you don’t embarrass yourself. Securing a job nowadays shouldn’t be as hard as it seems like it is.

This guide should act as a major source of help for you writing a resume without no experience. Please, don’t hesitate to visit TruOwl and check out the recent news in education, especially concerning schools and universities as well as reviews of the useful services and other resources. It’s been proven incredibly assistful by the majority of students out there, without a doubt.

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