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The Review of the Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is the number one educational institution in Australia. It’s also ranked on the 20th place on the global scale as of 2018. ANU was established in 1946 as a postgraduate educational institution. High teaching and research quality is recognized worldwide: there are Nobel prize-winners among the teachers and graduates of ANU.

Studying Options

A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree options is available to students. There are seven colleges as parts of ANU, namely:

  • Arts & Social Sciences College
  • Asia & the Pacific Studies College
  • Business & Economics College
  • Engineering & Computer Science College
  • Law College
  • Science College
  • Health & Medicine College.

Students have an access to lectures and tutors because of the small size of classes: the current teacher-to-student ratio is 1:15. ANU is highly rated among employers because the tutors are responsible for preparing employees who are ready to start working right after graduation. The quality of education can be compared to that one in Cambridge, Oxford or Yale. The research conducted at ANU is recognized as above global standards.


ANU is capable of accommodating roughly 19,600 students: 10,000 undergraduates and 9,600 graduates each year. ANU also offers education for more than 7,000 foreign students per year.

The academic colleges of ANU have schools and research centers specializing in a wide range of disciplines. Some of the disciplines are unique for Australia.


Teachers at ANU are the global leaders and active researchers. Students have access to the brightest global minds. Some teachers’ profiles:

  • Professor Graham Farquhar is the first winner of the Kyoto Prize in Australia in 2017. He researched the role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis to use this process in the chemical industry.
  • Professor Brian Schmidt is the Nobel laureate who manages one of the faculties in the university. He took part in the Science in Australia Gender Equity programme to ensure equal rights for women in science.

Tuition and Living Fees

The average tuition fee for an undergraduate program is $42,020 AUD. Postgraduate students will pay $41,480 AUD per year. Living cost makes up to $20,290 AUD and the cost of campus accommodation is $11,463 AUD.

Admission Requirements

Basically, the admission requirements largely depend on the chosen studying program.
For undergraduate students, ANU sets the following entry requirements:

  • A certificate of completed upper secondary education equivalent to Year 12 in Australia (high school graduates);
  • Sufficient knowledge of English as all disciplines are taught in English;
  • Satisfied prerequisites of individual programme.

The admission rules are flexible: if a student doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for entry, the alternative options can be considered.

For postgraduate students, the following minimum requirements are set:

  • Completed undergraduate or a postgraduate degree recognized in Australia;
  • High school certificate;
  • Work experience in the field of interest;
  • Satisfied prerequisites of an individual programme;
  • Academic grades relevant to the programme chosen;
  • Sufficient knowledge of English.

Additional requirements for international students:

  • English proficiency test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL).

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