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The University College of Southern Queensland

The University College of Southern Queensland

The University College of Southern Queensland, was established in 1967. Australia have 43 University, but only this University have status of international. Also the  University of Southern Queensland located in Australia ranking on same place with Australian Catholic University, Australian Catholic University and Southern Cross University.

Many times the name of the university has changed, three different campuses are built.The university graduated from many famous people like

  • Kev Carmody – singer and songwriter
  • Richard DallaRiva – Australian politician
  • Nelle Lee – Australian actor, writer, and producer etc.

Today, the Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University, and is also the University’s principal academic officer is Professor Geraldine Mackenzie, who always supports any student’s activity. The leadership of University polite and understanding, they always find personal approach to everyone students.

If you from other country it’s not a big problem, because if you want to study in these University, you need know only english. The University have a lot of program to help students from other country get a prestigious level of english knowledge.USQ was named the top university for international student satisfaction in Australia that year.

Also, University site have detailed instruction to students from other country. From you ticket choose to settlement and timetable. For students from other countries, University can offer free transfer from airport to your campus. For the first time you can also participate in the exchange program introduced by USQ. Older students also help freshmen  to find their classes, they can help with learning if you do not understand something. If you can not study in Australia, but want to be part of University family, you can choose online study. 75% – it’s online students. In Australia – Queensland stay on first place by number of online students, it’s good choice for those who want to study remotely

Nowadays, University have Sprinfied, Toowomba and Ipswich campuses. Any of this campuses allows students engage in self-development, because in campuses located a lot of science and engineering laboratories, in which teach one of the best teachers in Australia. Also in campuses located many sports fields, 24 hour-access gym with many modern equipment, café in which students can work for earning pocket many. Leadership of University cooperate with many employers, so you can work during your studies. You always can take part in volleyball, football or chess team. In 2016, Northern Uni Games, two girl from University, student-athletes won three gold medals. The University organizes international competitions and many other activity.

Furthermore, University just perfect for those, who want to explore something new in culture other country, about 27,563 students of these university from around the world, students are open-minded and always ready to tell about their own country, culture, traditions etc. Moreover, University offers over 700 specialised professional courses like Health & Community, Business & Commerce, Humanities & Communication, Law & Justice, and others, so everyone can choose what they are interested in and find way to personal growth.The unique University program is designed in such a way as to give students a competitive advantage and an in-depth understanding of the meaning of change and the concept of sustainability in global markets. If in early study you choose the courses you didn’t like, the University leaderships always can help to cease you other courses without problem. Sometimes, administration of University organize education lectures from many speakers around the world, anybody from students can join and take part in discussion about social-important or science problem. At the end of lectures, administrations award most active students. But students get award not only lectures, every month administration of university awarded best of the best students and give them money prize.

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