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Top 10 Australian Universities

Top 10 Universities In Australia

What do you imagine when you think about Australia? Unique nature and ancient culture? How about the Australian universities that are among the most influential research institutions in the world?

Australia ranks 3rd among the most attractive countries for international students. And the institutions listed below are the reasons why thousands of scholars come here in search of knowledge. Let’s take a look at the 10 universities that Australia can really be proud of.

Australian National University (ANU)ANU was founded by the country’s government in 1946. Its six alumni have achieved the highest recognition – the Nobel Prize. It is not just in the top 50 now – it is in the top 30 (24th rank).

The University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne is on par with ANU. From 1853, when it was established, and until now it teaches anything from Architecture to Science. In the top 50, it has the 30th place.

University of New South Wales (NSW). NSW is relatively young and boisterous. Ranked 45th it continues to climb. The great thing is that its students can pursue their studies and research in more than 200 other institutions around the world.

University of Queensland (UQ). UQ is not particularly famous but holds its 47th position firmly. It takes an active part in the research projects of the Group of Eight. It is known because of its work with superbugs and anticancer vaccines development.

The University of Sydney. USYD is at the 58th position. Also, it is the oldest university in the country. It has the most diverse range of courses and is also a part of the Group of Eight.

Monash University. Monash holds its rightfully won 60th rank and offers unique degrees. One of its campuses is located in Malaysia, and other schools and research centers are scattered around the world, namely, in China, India, and Europe. Some of the courses are delivered in other locations. The institution offers a number of free online courses, although to get a certificate you will have to pay a fee.

University of Western Australia (UWA). USW is located in beautiful Perth and proudly ranks 93rd. The University includes 4 faculties and 2 main schools:

  • Arts, Business, Law and Education;
  • Science;
  • Engineering and Mathematical Sciences;
  • Health and Medical Sciences;
  • School of Indigenous Studies;
  • Graduate Research School.

Each of them consists of numerous smaller schools and departments where students can receive education in any field they may be dreaming of.  

The University of Adelaide. Founded in the 19th century, Adelaide remains young at heart. It is in top 200 and is a member of the Group of Eight. Main interests of the local scientists are technology and environmental protection.

The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)UTS is relatively young, but with an excellent track record. It has risen to the 178th place in 2018. At present, it offers degrees in Arts, Nursing, and Law, Technology and others.

University of Newcastle (UON). Last but not least comes to the University of Newcastle. It holds the 224th position and offers many research degrees. In particular, its Engineering and Mining courses are among the best (30th rank) in the world.

There is certainly a place for you in one of these outstanding educational institutions – apply now and see for yourself!

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