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University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was founded more that 160 years ago and since then it has been on the way of creating and giving knowledge to global leading professionals in research, education, business and many other fields. The University of Melbourne is considered among the fifty best universities of the world and number one university in Australia, which it has proven to be true by the hard work of the professors and students. Anyone who visits the magnificent campus even once in their life will never forget its impressiveness and beauty which inspires so many people to go on chasing their goals using the resources of the University.


There are over fifty thousands students studying at the University each year. Such an amount of young spirited minds works great for establishing friendships with people that study different areas, which helps in the future lives of students. There are more than one hundred choices of major fields of study, which makes the studies specific, and the knowledge gained – useful. Furthermore, meeting students from over 150 countries makes the community more culturally intelligent and unique. Studying in such a diverse community gives priceless experience as everyone exchanges their way of thought and extraordinary worldview.

Setting on the career path

Melbourne will give you a practical education combining with theoretical part. The teachers are top world’s researchers and acknowledged business leaders, as well as Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars, that will help you learn the subject profoundly. They share their personal goals and mistakes as well as their life lessons to further students’ knowledge not only in their field of work, but also in real life. The way of teaching at the University of Melbourne prepares one for their job directly whether it is research or the application of it. The research expenditure of over AU$1 billon allows the students to go on pursuing their goals in research in their own Alma Mater with every necessary resource provided. The University collaborates with the best researcher in the world online as well as on campus in order to make a global impact.

Endless opportunities

The University of Melbourne’s campus is shared with the Parkville research precinct. It is Australia’s biggest concentration of medical and biotechnological research institutes and companies. The University of Melbourne offers a huge variety of museums to visit. After studying the exhibitions, students will know about archeology, medicine, contemporary art, music and, of course, sciences. There are many non-academic clubs and societies available on campus. Over the University of Melbourne’s history, it participated in the numerous sports and is affiliated with 39 different clubs. Melbourne provides one of the best scholarship programs in Australia. Students can apply for and receive, on the basis of need or merit, generous grants and prizes for pursuing their academic goals. The University’s aim is to produce the best alumni possible and for that reason it provides them with every opportunity they need.


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