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University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle, or Newcastle University, is a public higher educational institution located in Newcastle, Australia. Although the university campus buildings are located in different areas, the main part of them is situated in Callaghan, which is a suburb of the Newcastle city. Some other locations where the University of Newcastle is also presented are Singapore, Sydney CBD, Ourimbah, Newcastle CBD, and Port Macquarie. The university offers a variety of direction that all lead to a particular field-related degree. According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Newcastle is ranked #214 in the world and #10 in Australia. That being said, while not being placed among the top positions in the world rankings, the UN remains to be one of the best public universities in the country and continues to grow bigger and gain popularity as a top institution. The student body consists of approximately 36,000 students that come from more than 110 countries! This is an extreme diverse that cannot be met almost anywhere else and is one of those achievements that make the institution be proud of itself and its students.


At the very beginning, the University of Newcastle was established as two different institutions called Newcastle Teachers College and the Newcastle University College. The University College was a part of the New South Wales University of Technology, now known as University of New South Wales. During the 1950s and 1960s, the local community of students forced the local government to establish the Newcastle University College as a separate institution with its own rights and rules. The petition of those community members who made it was accepted and the creation of a distinct institution named the University of Newcastle was certified by the University of Newcastle Act (1964). In 1989, the Hunter Institute of Higher Education was added to the University of Newcastle as a part of it. In 1998, the UN established a special partnership with the Malaysian University of Wira, which is a private business school. Later in 2003, the University of Newcastle, along with 5 other independent higher educational institutions in Australia, established an organization called IRUA (Innovative Research Universities Australia) that is now aimed to provide the students of those colleges and universities to conduct thorough researches with the best of the country’s opportunities with no need to be based and specialized on a particular university.


Having such a serious and solid background, the University of Newcastle is one of the top learning institutions. The university offers its students a unique chance to experience practical work conditions via providing them with internships and visits to the enterprises in Australia. Apart from providing the students with good academic requirements and perfect learning opportunities, the University of Newcastle is also offering those students a rare chance to experience the real diversity since the enrolled students come from more than 110 countries and represent the whole variety of cultures and experiences.

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